46 Branch St
Scituate, MA 02066-2549

"Sesquicentennial Triptych"
4' x 12'

Tapestry landscape in the Bas Relief Technique depicts the upstate New York rolling hills, rivers and the Erie Canal. Clay rusts, deep river blue greens, and soft sky cloud shades reflect the interior decor. 

Many yarns are handspun and naturally dyed with indigenous Black Walnuts. As Seurat painted with dots of color for the eye to blend my art painting background leads me to use random shades of pastel and natural fine linen warps to give a depth to the tapestries. The weft yarns are imported from all over the world.

Bas Relief means half sculptured effect achieved by a technique developed by the artist. The thick, handspun, custom dyed yarns make their own statement as the protrude from the dot technique background.

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