46 Branch St
Scituate, MA 02066-2549

Residential Art Tapestries

4' x 4'
Award: Eastern Great Lakes Conference.

This tapestry is of fine singles linen warp with natural dyed yarns. The handspun wool, dyed in indigo, forms the waves and water. The foam is wool from Ireland that is spun with a curl to simulate the bubbles. The sand shade is dyed with Black Walnuts from the Rochester area on thick and thin spun wool. The dried fabrications are inserted during the weaving. The lunaria (Penny Plants) or Money Tree that form the cloud effect is a superstition that I promote. If I put this in your weaving, you will be prosperous or at least you will have your own money tree! The seascape is what I can see from my studio in Florida. 

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